Julia Wilkes’ Story

  I am 15 years old, I am outgoing, I am fearless, and I am unstoppable. I am awake, I am 15 years old, I am barely breathing, I am terrified, and I am petrified to move. This is when vast world on mental illness welcomed me. Fast forward almost 10 years and here I […]

Paul's Story: The Gift of Courage

This is Paul's Story as he wrote it for the Bipolar Babe Website. Thank you for your courage and contribution Paul. 🙂 ~Andrea AKA Bipolar Babe "My journey began when I was a child when my mother was diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression, and quite possibly an environment that became the norm for someone who always […]

Amy's Story

You might wonder why someone who hasn't been diagnosed as Bipolar would have such a keen interest in contributing to this website. I don't want the words ‘stigma’ and ‘empowerment’ to lose their meaning and there's more, so much more. I have struggled nearly all my life by being labeled as many things such as […]

Teen Depression by Denny Dew

Making the most of suffering: my fight against depression Let me start at the end. There are novels or films that begin by showing the final scene and proceed by explaining how the events got there. With this difference: it’s my life that I’m talking about, it’s more important than a film. The final scene […]

Big Pharma and I have had a relationship ever since…

I did a number of strange things in my younger years. Like whistling my way home at 4 years old, underneath a fall moon…..to be greeted by Mom's wooden spoon. Like delivering Christmas cards on my bike, in a rare Victoria snow…..at 3 am. Well they all got there before Christmas! Like using a long […]