Westshore Support Group Bipolar BabesWe welcome you to the West Shore Peer Support Group in Langford, Victoria, B.C. This Program is a co-ed, 18+ support group that is open to anyone who feels they may have a mental health condition or struggling with a mental health concern.

The group is encouraged to share how their week has been to stimulate conversation leading to discussion about lifestyle and wellness.  A range of topics are also discussed, including coping strategies, mindfulness and personal experiences.

Come and meet Andrea Bennington, Lead-Facilitator & Norma Bailey, Co-Facilitator.

Please read the media article which appeared on the front page of the Goldstream Gazette on January 15, 2014.  Thank you Black Press for your amazing coverage.

Please Contact Us and let us know you are planning to attend!

  • Who?

    All Ages, Co-ed group open to anyone 18+ who feels they may have a mental health condition or may have any mental illness. You do not need an official diagnosis, and we are here for you if you have mental health concerns.

  • Where?

    Centennial Centre
    2805 Carlow Road

    Off Goldstream Avenue, Across from Spencer School

  • When?

    Every Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm

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