stigma-free zone

You can live stigma-free!

  • You can start by exploring this website and learn about the stigmas that cause others to be seen as different and consider why we hold negative perceptions and stereotypes of some people and not others?
  • Take our Stigma-Free Test to assess your current perceptions and attitudes toward those who deal with stigma in their daily lives. Challenge yourself to live stigma-free and take the Stigma-Free Test again in 30 days to assess and reflect on your progress.
  • We encourage you to take our Stigma-Free Pledge and work toward becoming aware, understanding and accepting of all people regardless of their situation.
  • You can also write to us and share your story and we will post it with your picture or anonymously. The more personal stories we have to share about dealing and/or overcoming stigma, the more we will be able to break the barriers of silence and encourage people to seek help.
  • Encourage your teachers/school counselors or workplace to host a Stigma-Free Zone Superheroes classroom presentation or community presentation.
stigma free zone

Check out our Stigma-Free Test and gain some teachable moments along the way that encourage you to ponder on your own attitudes and beliefs around stigma.

Take our Stigma-Free Pledge and get your own Stigma-Free Zone certificate today.