In early 1980, uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd was launched as a solution to the frustrating lack of services available to independently owned pharmacies in British Columbia.  At that time, a small group of pharmacies came together with a vision for a new kind of wholesaler: one that could use the combined buying power of a number of independent pharmacies in an effort to keep retail costs low and maintain an advantage in a very aggressive market. Fast forward to today and for the past 30 years uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs Ltd, has grown to areas not only in BC, but also in Alberta and the Yukon. Our shareholder member pharmacists benefit from volume purchasing, efficient high tech delivery of pharmacy products, custom designed retail and professional strategies, as well as access to a supportive peer network that shares experiences, knowledge and philosophy. uniPHARM has a strong history of charitable work both as an organization and as a supporter of charitable activities undertaken by many of our members over the years.  We are very proud of our charitable contributions and activities.