No Matter What Our Challenges
We Can All Live Extraordinary Lives
Creating a world free of stigma
Awareness Understanding Acceptance
We celebrate our differences and stomp out stigma


elder-superheroessuperheroes-04The Stigma-Free Zone movement is a new and exciting initiative that is dedicated to the AWARENESS of
the stigmas that exist in society to help you develop an UNDERSTANDING of the challenges that numerous people face & encourage ACCEPTANCE of yourselves & others.

There are numerous stigmas that exist in society such as mental illness, ageism, racism, gender identity, sexual orientation, among many more, that contribute to our perceptions and attitudes of people who face challenges in their lives. Our Stigma-Free Zone programs support and educate individuals, especially youth, to manage their personal mental wellness.

Designate your classroom, school, workplace & organization as a ‘Stigma-Free Zone.’ A stigma-free zone is an environment where we all refrain from actions that may cause harm to the emotional well-being and confidence of others, and provide a safe space where people can exist free of ridicule, harassment and bullying.

We offer impacting Stigma-Free Zone classroom presentations in schools and community presentations that stomp out stigma in workplaces and all organizations that will embrace our values in both Metro Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. The Society also offers Mental Health Peer Support Groups in Victoria, B.C.

We encourage you to understand people’s differences and celebrate their diversity and individuality.


Irrespective of our differences, we hope that you will be open to learning about stigma and consider taking our

 STIGMA-FREE PLEDGE, which will encourage you to take the first steps in living a stigma-free life.

Feel free to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!

Let’s work together to foster acceptance of

ourselves and others.

Create a Stigma-Free Zone Today!

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